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We are a Class III Firearm and Item Dealer! Class III Items: If your looking for a suppressor (silencer), short barreled rifle (SBR), short barreled shotgun (SBS), Machine Gun or Any Other Weapon (AOW); we can take care of you!

Despite the common belief, having a class III item is actually LEGAL! We stock many suppressors, Short Barrled Rifles, and Short Barreled Shotguns from the leading manufacturers, such as: Advanced Armament, Surefire, Yankee Hill, Gemtech, Knights Armament, SilencerCo and more. The easiest way to start off is to have a living revocable trust set up, which we can help you set up! Once the trust is completed, and you have paid for the class III item in full (and in stock), we will help you fill out and submit a BATFE Form 4. Once completed you must send off your application along with a $200 check or money order to BATFE. Typically the turn around time from once the Form 4 is sent off, until it is approved and sent back currently is around 8-12 months.

How to Buy a Suppressor at Shooters

At Shooters we make it as easy as possible to purchase and own a suppressor. Here is a quick rundown on how to purchase a suppressor based on the new criteria established by the ATF that was implemented in July of 2016.


Step 1- Visit Shooters to purchase your suppressor

The reason why I encourage you to come to Shooters to purchase your suppressor is because we do the leg work for you. We prepare your forms and assist you in completing those forms correctly the first time so that there are no unnecessary delays in the issuing of your tax stamp. We also have a wide selection of suppressors available in various calibers to meet your sporting needs. If we do not happen to have the suppressor in stock that you’d like, we can order it and have it in store for you in a matter of days.


Step 2- Decide how you want to own your suppressor (Individual vs Trust)

Prior to July 2016 if you wanted to own a suppressor you had to set up a gun trust as the majority of local sheriffs would not sign off on you owning a suppressor as an individual. This gave way to the gun trust which allowed an entity, and those listed within it, to own and have access to NFA items that are regulated by the ATF. After July 2016, the rules changed, easing the process of individuals purchasing a suppressor without a gun trust.

If you decide to purchase a suppressor as an individual you are accepting the responsibility of owning the suppressor for yourself and yourself alone. You may allow other people to use your suppressor but you must be in their physical presence when they are doing so or they can be arrested for unlawful possession of an NFA registered item.

If you decide to own a suppressor through a gun trust then you have created a legal entity by which to own your suppressor, and in doing so allow those listed on the trust to legally own and use the suppressor at any time without you being present. In the event that you pass on, your items are left in the trust with those listed in the trust being able to use them without interruption.

If you decide that a trust is for you then you can give us a call and we can get you in contact with a legal aid who can create a trust for you. If you decide to own your suppressor as an individual you can come on in and see us to start the process of securing your suppressor!


Step 3- Buy your suppressor

As Individual:

As an individual once you purchase your suppressor we will store it safely for you while waiting for your tax stamp to arrive. Your suppressor has a serial number assigned to it so we will record it, and no one else can try to obtain your suppressor prior to your tax stamp being issued. We will prepare your paperwork for you to send off to ATF. To do this we will require a current, valid Florida driver’s license with your current home address

Once we have this we will prepare your ATF Form 4 (Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm) and give you 3 copies to sign and date. One copy will be sent to your local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) which will notify them that you are applying for this item. The other 2 copies will be sent to the ATF to register your suppressor for ownership. Before you leave our store, we will make sure that you have signed and dated your forms correctly, and that you know where to mail your local CLEO copy of the Form 4 and where to mail the ATF copies. You will also need to send 2 sets of fingerprints, 2 recent passport sized photos, and payment of $200.00 attached to the 2 copies of the Form 4 that are going to the ATF for review. ATF will accept payments via check, money order or major credit card.

To recap, for a individual:

  • Current driver’s license

The following items are what you will mail to the ATF & your CLEO:

  • (3) Form 4s (1 for CLEO, 2 for the ATF)
  • (2) sets of fingerprints (local law enforcement can assist with this)
  • (2) passport photos. (for the ATF copy of the form 4’s)
  • $200.00 to pay the ATF for the processing and registration of your suppressor

As Gun Trust:

If you have decided to purchase your suppressor through a gun trust then your process will be slightly different. When you come into our store to purchase a suppressor as a trust you will need the following to start your process:

  • Current Florida driver’s license
  • A copy of your gun trust with all pages of your trust
  • A list of all people who are noted on the trust, referencing their full name, address, county and contact info (i.e phone number and email address)

Once we have these items we will begin the process of completing your Form 4. Once completed we will give you 3 copies of the form. One copy will go to your local CLEO and the other 2 copies will go to the ATF for review. We will also complete a Responsible Persons Questionnaire form for each person who has access to the gun trust (Form 5320.23). This form must be signed by each respective person on your trust. Once these forms are all filled out, every person listed on the trust MUST provide 2 sets of fingerprint cards and 2 passport photo copies for their Responsible Person Questionnaire form. You will also need to provide a $200.00 payment to the ATF to process and register your suppressor to your trust.

To recap if you are purchasing through your trust:

  • Current Florida Driver’s License
  • All pages of your Gun Trust
  • A list of ALL people who are listed on your trust, including their full name, address, county and contact info (i.e phone number and email address)

The following items are what you will mail to the ATF & your CLEO:

  • ALL pages of your gun trust
  • Multiple Form 4s for each person listed on the gun trust (copies will go to both CLEO & ATF)
  • 2 sets of fingerprints for EVERY person listed on the gun trust (These go to ATF)
  • 2 passport photos for Every person listed on the gun trust (These go to the ATF)
  • A Responsible Person Questionnaire form for each individual listed on the gun trust (These go to the ATF and CLEO)
  • $200.00 to pay the ATF for the processing and registration of your suppressor


Step 4-Wait

Believe it or not this is the hardest part! The waiting. (post pic of skeleton waiting for suppressor?)

You are able to track the process of your item through NFA tracker:

You can go to this website to see what the average wait times are from submission to completion of the Form 4s

Once your Form 4 review and registration is completed, your form along with your tax stamp will be sent to us and we will call you to come and pick up your suppressor. Be prepared to complete a final background check before the suppressor is released to you.

Should you have any questions please feel free to stop by and a team member will be more than happy to help you in any way. Shooting suppressed is an experience one would have to hear to believe!

Due to the amount of processing, paperwork and time that the item will need to be held and maintained by Shooters, ALL NFA items are subject to a 50% restocking fee should the customer decide to cancel to process once it has been started or be denied by the ATF. All required forms and documentation must be completed and submitted for processing within 60 days of purchasing the item or will be subject to cancellation and restocking fees. Any NFA item that is "Special Ordered" for a customer will not be returnable under any circumstance. Please be sure you are selecting the correct item before beginning the purchase and submission process, our staff members are happy to assist you with any questions in selecting the correct items.